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Renewable Solar Energy Solutions

GreenIntelligent Solar Solutions


A Consumer's Guide: 

Solar Power System Guide

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Solar Power Benefits

→  Lock in the cost of electricity - avoid the rising costs of electric power from utility companies

→ Obtain tax credits and rebates - tax credits and rebates on solar power systems are available to home owners and businesses in most areas

→  Sell power back to the utility - in many states, you can sell your excess power back into the grid

→  Generate clean power - power from the sun produces no pollution or emissions

→  Gain power independence - rely completely on your own generating capacity, and not on a utility company

→  Ensure reliable power - enjoy uninterrupted power to your home during power outages

→ Low maintenance - solar panels have no moving parts and are very low maintenance
  • Trackers
  • Inverters
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Panels
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    • Intelligent engineering. Elegant design. Highest quality construction. Smart for the environment and your budget.

    We install r inverters, that use "premium materials" to ensure year after year of maintenance-free high-quality performance.

    Roof Installation
    • Roof must have fifteen year life expectancy
    • Once the panels are installed the panels will actually protect the underlying roof
    • Older roofs may need to be reinforced
    • Solar panels are installed to withstand hurricane force winds and 50 mph hail storms

      Ground Mounts
      Occasionally they place panels in the yard or in a field on a pole or on ground racks. Although these types of systems have additional associated costs, it is sometimes the best route to go if the roof in question is not ideally oriented or suited to hold the solar array.




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