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"A new Generation of Solar Thermal Technology"

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One Reason to chose halstead plumbing and heatingSolar Technology

Sunny Outlook with Intelligent Solar Technology
The life-giving sun provides us with the fuel of the future - solar energy. The sun beams down on us every day and gives us heat, light and energy. Energy, which you can now utilize easily and conveniently with a Buderus solar heating system, whether to enjoy a warm shower or to boost your central heating. Affording a benefit to you and the environment! With solar energy, you not only preserve valuable fuel and save heating costs, you also protect the environment: A collector area of only 20 square feet prevents the release of approx. 70 lbs. CO2 each year. By the way, Buderus solar technology offers any number of options for new houses or new heating systems, for domestic hot water heating or for central heating backup. Don't forget, we can provide not just solar collectors, but the entire solar heating system - with everything perfectly integrated.

Buderus Solar Panel
Buderus Roof Mount Solar PanelThe Flat Roof Mounting Systems is compatible with both SKN and SKS collectors. The inclination can be easily adjusted to optimize your solar gain. Properly installed, the mounting system can withstand hurricane force winds and up to 35 lbs/ft2 snow loads.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **The Perfect Solar Solution for Any Roof

No matter what you are planning -Buderus is sure to have a solution for you, which is even more individual, flexible and attractive than you would have thought possible. Solar heating systems from Buderus not only "shine" because of their optimum efficiency, but also because of their incredible versatility, not forgetting their easy and affordable installation. Solar technology from Buderus is attractive. The integrated and unobtrusive roof mounting systems are architecturally stunning. You're living in a house with a flat roof? No problem. With the Buderus roof mounting system, any roof surface or angle is easy and simply looks great!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Designed for Reliability

Solar collectors are exposed to the elements all the year round. To permanently safeguard their optimum performance requires a lot of experience, specialized designs and materials. One such example is the long-lasting and light weight fiberglass used for the frames of all Buderus solar collectors. Of equal importance is the special safety glass, required for stability and the selective coating for optimum energy yields. These high performance collectors are hermetically sealed,
filled with an inert gas to reduce heat loss and use an innovative double meander tube design for greater heat transfer capacity.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **First Choice for Installation Ease and Materials

Buderus has the solution not only outside your house, but also where installation costs are concerned. Simple plug-in connections and assembly promise an installation in record time. The installation can be completed with a single tool. Not only all plug-in connections, but also mounting rails, roof brackets and other installation components are made from long-lasting and robust materials. An optimum system requires that every component delivers top performance
- just like Buderus.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Solar Energy: Comfort by Design

You can rely on the solar collectors on your roof to harvest the solar energy. However, some other components are needed to complete your system so that you can "bathe in sunlight." For example, the solar pump station circulates the solar fluid through the system. The solar controller ensures optimum utilization of the solar collector performance, and the tank stores the captured energy, until you are ready to enjoy it.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **One Stop Solar Shopping

We supply you with all of the parts you will need for your solar heating system. Every single component is something quite special in its own right because we have combined innovative technology with advanced materials to produce perfectly matching components down to the last detail. Our product range covers everything from boilers to solar collectors, from domestic hot water tanks to radiators, from control systems to accessories, every product is a perfect fit.

Buderus Benefits at a glance

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Easy installation with roof brackets: Install the brackets, mount the mounting system, position and secure the solar collector
- that's it!

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Optional roof integration: Collectors can be easily and harmoniously integrated with all types of roof surfaces and pitches.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Quick and easy connection through stainless steel plug-in connectors or solar
hoses with spring clips.

Solar Hot Water

Bathe Yourself in
Solar Energy

Genuine hot water
convenience for your home
- with high-grade domestic
hot water storage tanks
from Buderus. Seamlessly
integrated with our solar
solutions, they store the
yielded energy until you
really need it. When you
shower or take a bath you're not only saving
cash, but you also do your part to help
the environment. You will always find the
right product, no matter what your demand
- whether you need a domestic hot water
tank or a combi-storage tank.
Pump station transfers

Under Control

Your pump station transfers the heat from your collectors
to your storage tank, maintaining a constantly high
efficiency. The combination of a solar controller with a boiler control unit offers you even more possibilities. The automatic reduction of the reheat temperature can reduce burner starts by up to 24%, saving fuel during domestic hot water heating.

Download the Buderus "Intelligent Solar Heating Solutions" PDF here

Solar comfort by design. Buderus delivers it from a single source from the roof to the basement.

Everything is a perfect match.

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