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Tarm Biomass Wood-Fired Gasification Boiler

Natural Home Heating

Tarm Biomass Wood boilers provide a convenient, safe, and Going Green with BIOHEATenvironmentally responsible way to heat your home and hot water. Wood boiler owners are ensured of high heating efficiency, low heating costs, and use of an abundant, locally available, renewable fuel. The wood gasification combustion technology used in Tarm-Biomass wood boilers is the most efficient way to burn firewood. As a result, Tarm Biomass boilers use substantially less wood than conventional wood boilers and outdoor water stoves. Additionally, this high efficiency burn technology produces little or no creosote, virtually eliminating the risk of a chimney fire and greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Scandtec Solo Plus

Scandtec Solo Plus Cutaway

Scandtec Solo Plus 30, 40 & 60

The Tarm-Biomass Solo Plus is a wood-fired gasification boiler offering 75-80% overall efficiency. The key to this process is the high temperature reached in a second refractory-lined combustion chamber. This secondary combustion consumes the creosote and smoke that normally goes up the chimney, thereby wringing every bit of energy out of the wood fuel and resulting in a very clean burn.

Three-inch vertical heat exchange tubes are sized for maximum extraction of the energy in the high-temperature exhaust stream. The Solo Plus can be used without heat storage.
The Solo Plus boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.


Scandtec Solo Plus Chart

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HS Tarm Solo Innova

HS Tarm Solo Innova 30 & 50

The Solo Innova is similar to the Solo Plus wood-fired gasification boiler, but with additional features (smoke extraction duct), higher efficiency and intended to be used with heat storage.

The Solo Innova boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.

HS Tarm Solo Innova

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Froling Turbo 3000

Froling FHG Turbo 3000

Froling FHG Turbo 3000 Control

Froling FHG Turbo 3000

Froling FHG Turbo 3000 20, 30, 40, & 50

Wood-fired Gasification Boiler

The Turbo 3000 uses down draft gasification technology to achieve up to 92% efficiency. Equipped with a draft induction fan, the boiler starts with ease, even when the flue is cold.  The fan and integrated Lambda control continuously adjust combustion parameters so that maximum efficiency and clean burn are maintained throughout the entire burn cycle.

After the fuel load has been burned through, the primary and secondary air dampers are closed and the fan is switched off.  This allows for live embers to stay in the firebox for extended periods which reduces the need to re-light the fire after each burn period.

A menu-driven, user interface can be utilized to obtain information about boiler start up, exhaust gas and boiler temps, residual oxygen content, outdoor temperature and more.

The Froling Turbo 3000 boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.



Ω  as per Austrian efficiency test protocol

Carbon Neutral- Clean burning of carbon-cycle biomass that is critical to the lowering of net greenhouse gas emissions.


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Tarm Biomass Wood-Fired Gasification Boiler
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