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Pellet Boilers Tarm-BiomassUSA

Significant savings on your heat bills
The HS-TARM Multi-Heat boiler is a great choice for sustainable energy heating of homes and light industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings. Firing with wood pellets or corn in the Multi-Heat can achieve considerable savings in comparison to fossil fuels. Such savings depend, among other things, on the type of fuel, purchase prices and the annual efficiency of the old boiler. Furthermore, many local governments, possibly yours, are giving grants or subsidies for the installation of Multi-Heat boilers using renewable energy fuel.

HS Tarm Multi Heat

The Multi-heat pellet is an automatic stoker boiler for wood pellets or corn, offering 89-91% efficiency.  The Multi-heat Pellet may be used with the integrated fuel hopper or an external fuel bin or silo.

 The Multi-heat Pellet boiler is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.


Product Datasheet

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Fuel Storage Concepts

Automatic Feed Device


Froling P4 Pellet

Coming in Summer 2009!-The new Froling P4 Pellet boiler. The Froiling P4 Pellet boiler is a fully automatic, virtually maintenance-free boiler. More information and data coming soon.




Ω  as per Austrian efficency test protocol


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