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HS Tarm Excel

The Excel 2000 Multi-fuel is a combination wood gasification and fossil fuel boiler available in two sizes. The primary advantage of the Excel is that it requires only one chimney. If the fire within the Excel burns out due to lack of wood, the boiler will automatically switch to fossil fuel backup.

Separate combustion chambers and heat exchange tubes are designed for each additional fuel. This assures maximum efficiencies of up to 86%, which meet or exceed most single fuel oil or gas boilers. 
The Excel 2000 boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.
Excel 2000 Multi-fuel

The Excel 2000 is the world's most advanced and efficient Multi-fuel Boiler, burning multiple fuels at efficiencies of up to 86%.


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Ω  as per Austrian efficency test protocol


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HS Tarm Excel