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Halstead HS Tarm Solo Innova 30 & 50 Accessories

Solo Plus Boiler

Termovar Loading Unit - Integrates the Termovar Tempering Valve, a balancing valve, 3 thermometers, and a Grundfos 15-58 3 speed circulator in a compact solution.  Includes ball valve isolation unions.

Termovar Tempering Valve - Automatic, thermally operated valve that ensures a minimum return water temperature to the boiler, which increases efficiency, prevents tarring, reduces thermal shock, and increases the life of the boiler.  Includes ball valve isolation unions.

Automag Zone Valve - Normally closed 24 VAC 1” zone valve designed for continuous power supply.  This valve is used to provide the code required heat dumping zone during loss of power situations.

Honeywell AT72D Transformer - 40 VA Multi-mount transformer. Plate, foot, or knock out mounting.  Primary 120VAC 50/60 Hz nine inch leads.  Secondary 24 Vac secondary uses two screw terminals.  Provides a power source for Automag zone valve.

BLT Control - A tidy UL approved control with simple instructions that makes integrating a wood boiler and heat storage tank with an existing boiler a snap.  The control includes an on/off switch and a threeposition switch that includes wood only operation, back up only operation, or wood with automatic back up operation.  Integral diagnostic indicator lights simplify trouble shooting.

Heat storage system - Now available in upright ASME pressure rated 220 gallon steel tanks, modular R30 square tanks with high temperature PVC lining, or collapsible, pre-assembled R13 round tanks.  Volumes ranging from 220 gallons to 2500 gallons.

Honeywell L4008A 1015 Aquastat - Breaks on rise 100-240F w/5-30F adjustable differential.  66 inch capillary.  Tank mounted, this aquastat is the switch that begins the automatic back up function when your tank is below your useable water temperature.

Honeywell L4006A 1009 Aquastat w/ ¾” Well - Makes on fall 100-240F.  Used to sense wood boiler supply temperatures by mounting in the supply pipe.  Starts the backup burner when the wood boiler temperature drops (auto backup function for add-on wood boiler used without heat storage).


Ω  as per Austrian efficency test protocol


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HS Tarm Solo Innova 30 & 50 Accessories